Amsterdam based designer Blazinbell believes a product deserves her love, energy and time.

How and why did Blazinbell get founded?

In my early twenties I started working at the vintage store Zipper.
The beautiful garments from all over the world, formed a great inspiration
and triggered me to start designing.
I pretty much taught myself all the tricks, trade of designing,
sewing and developed my label Blazinbell in 2005.

After a while I started Studioshop with my good friend and
talented designer Rima Freeman. The combination of having a studio and shop in one, lead
to a big creative explosion and brought together a lot of inspiring people, which are still
part of the foundation of Blazinbell.
After two years I got pregnant of my lovely daughter Roots Rebelle and decided
to take a step back and close Studioshop.

My creative flow was far from over though, I continued building my label
from home and studio.
It was in this time that I really chose to give direction to my designs by focusing
on patchwork. This style choice became the trademark of my brand Blazinbell.
Over the years Blazinbell got more and more known in different subcultures, especially
within the music and entertainment scene.
I worked on customized orders a lot and started to supply
the Urban Streetwear shop Henxs.

In 2016 it was time for a change.

I was ready to take it to the next level and hooked up with my friend Nadia Duinker
who started assisting me with the business and marketing part of my brand.
We redesigned an old campervan into the Mercedes Bell Campershop
and started touring around markets and festival to gain more visibility in Amsterdam
and to widen our customer base.
In december 2016 we started our own shop, Re-bell on the Czaar Peterstraat.
The studio is on the top floor and on the groundfloor is the showroom/shop.
Next to Blazinbell we sell a great selection of other unique brands
that share our values of slow fashion and sustainability.